What BuildStar Does and How It Can Help You

How can BuildStar Help Your Business
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BuildStar construction management software is different because it was developed by builders like you, not techies without construction experience.

This makes a big difference in how useful the software is to a construction company. 

You wouldn’t want a plumber working on your root canal, would you?

That’s why BuildStar stands out as the leading online software for construction companies.

It meets all the needs of a small or large construction management company because it was developed by one who actually knows what those needs are. 

So what does it do and how can it help you?

This article will answer those questions and by the end, you’ll know BuildStar was created for you.

BuildStar Construction Management Software Features

There are a number of awesome features BuildStar offers its users. Each feature helps save time and money for the company using

Here’s a list of BuildStar’s features and what each does:

  • Estimating – dramatically reduces the time spent estimating construction projects by using available checklists and templates as well as having a simple job scoping process
  • Bidding – online bid management makes gathering and evaluating bids a breeze by setting up reminders, having a history of bids, and involving your clients in the process
  • Budget Management – detailed budget reports and document backup at your fingertips helps you make informed budgeting decisions whenever you need to
  • Project Documentation & Reports – easy access to your entire construction project documentation, reports, and details, either printed or online
  • Scheduling – complete your jobs on time with our scheduling software that automatically generates and modifies your schedule online
  • Change Orders – increase client confidence by using our online service to document change requests, cost information, and change order approvals
  • QuickBooks Integration – discover how to avoid wasting time re-entering the same information from QuickBooks by using our simple QuickBooks integration 
  • Accounting – only enter a transaction once and the information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions

Click here to see more information on the features BuildStar offers

How BuildStar’s Features Help You

“You have turned my most loathsome job [estimating] into something enjoyable”
— Pete L.

Making your job easier and more enjoyable is BuildStar’s goal.

BuildStar construction project management software gives you the tools to make things as simple as possible. Templates, checklists, and more help save you time and money.

The other features are just as simple to use and create the same result: saved time and money.

And this is done while making the process of running a business more enjoyable and more profitable. 

One benefit of using BuildStar construction project management software is the simplicity of the process for everyone involved. 

From the project manager to the subcontractors and team members to the clients, BuildStar is what keeps everyone connected and on the same page with each project.

In Conclusion

BuildStar has all the features you need to smoothly and easily run your construction business.

And these features are what make it stand out as the leading construction project management software on the market. 

A builder developed BuildStar for builders like you so you could have the success in your business you desire.

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