Team Collaboration/Client Communication

Communication is key and BuildStar will help you stay in touch with everyone involved in your project.

Assure Client Confidence & Trust

Easily share plans, budgets, photos, documents and schedules with clients, subs & suppliers, and architects, as you choose. Easily access comprehensive job information from anywhere. Download and print reports in seconds with MS Word or Excel.

With online photos and reports, your clients will have answers to questions day or night without interrupting you.

Information Anytime, Anywhere

With BuildStar, when the client has a question, they can get the answer they are looking for by themselves by accessing the information you have made available to them in BuildStar. You control how much information your clients have access to.

If they do need to communicate with you, they can quickly and easily use BuildStar to send you an email which you will be able to read and respond to at your convenience. Email communications are documented and become part of the permanent record for the job.

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