BuildStar Construction Software QuickBooks Integration

Bi-directional sync between QuickBooks and BuildStar of jobs, employees, vendors, etc.BuildStar’s construction software integrates with QuickBooks. We provide two-way synchronization to keep your books in order no matter where you enter a transaction.  BuildStar’s workflow follows what you’re already used to with QuickBooks.

Keeping it All in Sync

If you are using QuickBooks with any other software, one thing you definitely don’t want to do is spend your time reentering the same information twice. BuildStar has tools to integrate with QuickBooks eliminating any dual input and ensuring that the two are current and consistent.

With BuildStar and QuickBooks you can:

  • Synchronize QuickBooks Accounts and Items with BuildStar
  • Define the mapping of BuildStar Categories and Cost Items to QuickBooks Accounts
  • Synchronize Vendors and Employees
  • Synchronize Accounting Transactions for Purchase Orders, Receipts, Bills, and Payments

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