BuildStar Construction Estimating Software

Dramatically reduce the time spent estimating construction projects and increase the detail & accuracy of estimates by using BuildStar construction estimating software.

Template Driven Estimation

Greater accuracy and speed with BuildStar construction estimating software.

With BuildStar’s template driven estimating & simple job scoping process, you will be able to significantly reduce the time spent estimating. You’ll  also increasing the comprehensiveness and accuracy of construction estimates. Using BuildStar’s construction estimating software you can build a complete estimate in a fraction of the time normally spent. Save time! — and time is money. BuildStar estimating software pays for itself.

Client Questionnaire

BuildStar software’s estimating software automatically generates a Client Questionnaire based on the scoping process. The client is alerted that they have questions to respond to and that they can respond online. Save time and get the information needed.

Have Confidence in Your Estimate

You may wonder, “What did I forget?” or “Where did I underestimate?” With a checklist approach, BuildStar estimating helps make sure you don’t forget to include something in the construction estimate that will ultimately cause problems & cost money. With access to historical information, you will know that your construction estimate reflects what the actual cost are.

Higher Close Rate

With BuildStar construction estimating software you will have a polished, professional presentation for your clients. Even before the sale you will be building client confidence & trust. Because BuildStar’s gives your client web access to the estimate, they will have the information they need to be comfortable with the project every step of the way. This results in a higher close rate.

No More Miscommunication with BuildStar Construction Estimating Software

BuildStar lets you fully document every specification and assumption used in building the estimate. The template approach makes this quick & simple. This results in both you and your client seeing exactly what is included in the estimate. Because of this disagreements or misunderstandings are eliminated.

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