Accounting with BuildStar

Accounting with BuildStar
Accounting is critical for all of your projects. With BuildStar, you only have to enter transactions once.

No More Double Input

Information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions. For QuickBooks software users, our construction software synchronizes both directions with QuickBooks. Thus, our accounting functions eliminate extra steps and save you time.

Payment Approval

BuildStar has a bill payment approval process that can require one or more approvals before a bill will get paid. The superintendent on the job can verify the work is complete and give a preliminary approval, then someone in the office can easily review payment history and give final approval.

Quick Access to Important Information

We make everything available online. All of the information needed is easy to search, filter or sort to find exactly what is wanted. Documents are attached to all of the transactions they relate to. Everything is available with just a couple of clicks, and you don’t have to be where your filing cabinets are.

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