3 Ways BuildStar & QuickBooks Simplify Your Business

BuildStar / Quickbooks
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Do you use QuickBooks for your construction business? 

You can easily integrate QuickBooks into your BuildStar account. 

Some of the benefits of integrating QuickBooks with BuildStar are:

  • It enables you to have everything in one place without switching to a different accounting program, it makes it easier for your team members to access and keeps things simple. 
  • Your tax prep is simplified and makes your CPA happy. 
  • You don’t have to input your accounting info twice. BuildStar and QuickBooks work together so you need to input the info only once.

This is all valuable to you as a business owner because it saves you a significant amount of time and money. 

By the end of the article, you’ll understand why BuildStar is the right choice to meet your business needs. 

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Integrating QuickBooks into BuildStar Keeps Everything You Need in One Place without Switching Accounting Programs

Have you ever tried running a business by using a handful of different software? 

It can be a nightmare having to log in to multiple accounts with various passwords.

And to make your team do the same thing…


There is a time-saving benefit to having everything in one place. 

Log in once and voilà. You’re off to the races.

That’s what BuildStar construction management software does. It simplifies everything for you.

And what’s great is that you don’t have to switch to a different accounting program and start all over. 

You can keep all the information you already have without having to enter it twice.

Integrating BuildStar and QuickBooks Makes Your CPA Happy

A happy CPA makes all the difference in a business.

To make your CPA happy is simple.

You may think that your CPA is already using QuickBooks, so what’s different?

By integrating BuildStar and QuickBooks, you are simplifying the process for your team, which helps in keeping up with the accounting. 

CPA’s pull their hair out when businesses don’t keep a grasp on their numbers and come tax time, it can be a very stressful experience for them. 

Also, you only have to input your accounting info once, so there isn’t any extra time involved for you or your CPA. 

BuildStar and QuickBooks work together.

So if you or your CPA add something in QuickBooks, it automatically reflects in BuildStar with all the other functions, for example, budgeting or estimating.

All the different functions of BuildStar automatically update with any changes made in one function, simplifying the entire upkeep of your business.

….and making your CPA really happy.

BuildStar and QuickBooks Work Together So You Only Have to Input Your Accounting Info Once

Another benefit to integrating BuildStar and QuickBooks, which was touched on before, is needing to input your accounting information only once. 

There isn’t a need to put in your info more than that. 

BuildStar and QuickBooks work together, automatically reflecting changes made in either and adjusting your numbers accordingly. 

And, as stated above, it updates information in all the different functions of BuildStar so you need to enter the information only once.

This is not only a massive time-saver, but it also saves money. 

How? Time is money, so you can spend time managing the other aspects of running your business.

In Conclusion

Integrating your current QuickBooks with BuildStar is a simple and quick transition.

It makes your business run smoother, helps your team members access the needed information easier, and saves you time and money.

BuildStar construction management software is the answer you’ve been looking for…

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