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BuildStar construction management software is an online, integrated set of tools for all types of construction. Because it is template-based, it can be customized to fit your style of construction management. When you become a BuildStar builder, all of your information is available to you anytime, anywhere. BuildStar is so powerful you will be amazed at what it can do for you.

As a builder, there are several challenges you face each day. BuildStar construction management software will help you eliminate those challenges. Here’s how:

BuildStar helps you estimate jobs quickly and easily, which will save you significant time and money. The estimating process takes you step by step through all aspects of your construction project based on a template that you select. Once you have created an estimate, BuildStar generates interactive, polished reports to help you professionally display and present your estimates. While estimating a project, a proposed schedule and a client questionnaire are automatically generated to assist in carrying out each task.

There are also tools to help you coordinate and control the construction bidding process. From BuildStar you can send bid invitations to subcontractors via e-mail, fax or print them off to be sent by mail. You can track all of the bids that you receive from any sub or supplier and compare them with each other. In Bid Manager you can also record client approvals to eliminate future “I don’t remember” discrepancies. And, if you grant your clients access, they can approve bids online eliminating hours spent on the phone.

The Construction Accounting Manager keeps track of expenses and income by recording bills and receipts, accepted bids and purchase orders, and client payments. If you already use QuickBooks, the real-time QuickBooks interface allows you to synchronize your accounts and items to and from your general ledger so that they can be displayed on the BuildStar job ledger without dual entry. Transactions can be synchronized to or from QuickBooks, again avoiding dual input. These records are then displayed in BuildStar’s budget reports to help you keep track of your progress based on your current budget. The reports are immediately updated so you always know where you are with your budget.

Most builders face the challenge of coordinating and documenting change orders. BuildStar tracks change orders and provides documentation for each change. This eliminates confusion and keeps your project on schedule and on budget.

BuildStar’s Document Manager is an easy to use filing system that will allow you to find and view plans, documents and photos without searching through boxes and filing cabinets. Once you receive a bid, invoice or any other paperwork related to a job, you can scan it into BuildStar where you can access it from any computer. Through Document Manager, you can view and print important documents and plans from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to spend your time searching through filing cabinets.

Another advantage of BuildStar is the ease and convenience with which you can communicate with your clients. By assigning your clients a username and password you can select which information you want them to be able to access. Clients can get online and respond to the client questionnaire. They can view photos, approve bids, request change orders and correspond with you.

BuildStar will help you coordinate with your subcontractors and suppliers. Subcontractors can be grouped by the trades they perform. BuildStar records each subcontractor’s bidding history. You can also track important information like a sub’s license and insurance information. BuildStar will alert you of their expiration dates.

BuildStar is easy to use. Each time you log in to BuildStar, you will be given alerts and reminders to help you stay up to date and to guide you through each process. A self-guided tutorial is also included to assure you understand each of the benefits of BuildStar. Because BuildStar is an online application, there is no software to install and no updates to download. There are also no fees for upgrades. You always have the most current tools and information at your fingertips.